Woodland Caribou

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And to think that some men have trophy cabinets with little silver cups in them.

The island portion of Newfoundland and Labrador is home to thousands of rare woodland caribou and the only non-resident huntable woodland caribou herds in the world. Non-resident hunters for woodland caribou have experienced more than a 90% success rate, with mature bulls weighing anywhere from 350 to 500 pounds. Turns out the world’s best woodland caribou hunting and the records to prove it is a winning combination.

A Hunt Like Nowhere Else. Literally.

There is a place that we like to call ‘caribou country’.

Where herds of these mighty beasts cross bogs and barrens only to slip silently into the woods. Silently, that is, except for the snap of tree branches as they bend and twist, allowing enormous antlers to squeeze through the brush.

The only evidence of their passing: the impression of huge hooves left behind in the moss, where massive necks have bent to harvest colourful lichens from the forest floor. This is Newfoundland and Labrador – the only place on Earth where you can raise a rifle to these wild creatures.

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Woodland Caribou Outfitters

The key to a successful woodland caribou hunt is a local outfitter. Outfitters act as your main point of contact before and during your trip, so be prepared to make long-lasting memories – and friends.

Our friendly, down-to-earth outfitters’ guides are the difference between a good experience and a great one. After all, they know this place like the backs of their hands. And they're bound to share a few stories over a drink and a hearty meal back at the lodge.

Woodland Caribou Outfitters

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Rules and Regulations

The best way to get the most out of your hunting adventure in Newfoundland and Labrador is by using a local outfitter. Non-resident caribou licences are only available through a licenced outfitter. Hunters must be accompanied by a licenced guide to hunt big game.

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