Sandy Lake Lodge Outfitting Limited

Sandy Lake (Zone 12)

Our hunting area is a mix of different types of terrain ranging from cutovers to barren to bogs and wooded areas. We hunt landscape best suited to client abilities and preference with a success rate of 95.6%, chances are good that you will have the opportunity to harvest a moose when you come to our part of the province. Bears in excess of 600lbs have also been taken at Sandy Lake Lodge. One could be waiting for you.

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Locations & Dates

  • Sandy Lake, Sandy Lake (Zone 12)
  • 48.6786, -56.0758
  • May 25 - Nov 15, 2019



  • Moose Hunting
  • Black Bear Hunting
  • Moose Hunting
  • Black Bear Hunting


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    • Email Money Transfer


  • 10
  • Cellular Service
  • Double Occupancy Bedrooms
  • Drive-in Access
  • Hot/Cold Running Water
  • Indoor plumbing
  • Single Occupancy Bedrooms